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The Great War: Regional Approaches and Global Contexts

International Conference on the Occasion of the First Centennial of the Beginning of World War One

Place and time of the Conference:
Sarajevo, 19th – 21th June 2014

The aim of the Conference is to consider the causes, course, and the political, social and economic consequences of the First World War on the basis of new historical research in the context of European and more specifically Balkan history. The conference will also explore the legacy of World War One and its place in collective memory today. The conference wants to highlight the significance of the First World War for Eastern and Southeastern European societies but at the same time will consider the larger European and international picture.
The intention of the organizers is to make the conference in Sarajevo a vibrant forum of academic exchange of new approaches to the history of the First World War in the context of the centennial of its beginning. One aim of the conference is to re-consider the political aspects of World War One, such as the relations between the Great powers on the eve of the First World War, the politics of smaller countries and their room of manoeuvre, the formation of the system of alliances and their geo-political as well as ideological foundations, the clash between imperial orders and nationalism, etc. At the same time the conference will focus on the experiences and perceptions of “ordinary people”, both at the frontline but also “at home”, and the mental consequences of the war on its survivors. The conference will discuss the immediate as well as long-term impact of the Great War on the development of European societies. We also intend to reflect on the way, how the First World War is treated by the various national historiographies in the Balkans and by other historiographies, and how it is taught in the classroom. The conference intends to discuss the place of the war in local, national and transnational cultures of memory and the ways the war has been presented in different media and literary and artist genres.